Red bank Register
  Newspaper Archives
Part 1 1878 - 1923
Part 2 1924 - 1991

A Digitization Project Presenting 113 Years of Local History

The Red Bank Register is captured on microfilm covering 1878 to 1964 as the Red Bank Register and 1964 to 1991 as the Daily Register. The Digitization Project was a collaborative effort between Middletown Township Public Library and the Red Bank Public Library. Because of the size of the collection, the digitization of all the microfilm was broken down into two phases. The first phase covers June 27, 1878, to December 26, 1923. The second phase covers January 2, 1924, to November 13, 1991, the final issue of the Red Bank Register.

In addition to preserving the archives of the Red Bank Register, the project enables us to offer this valuable source of historical information with full-text keyword searching and date access capabilities.

We wish to thank Greater Media Newspapers for providing copyright permission allowing Middletown Township Public Library to offer remote Internet access to the digitized and indexed Red Bank Register. We thank all who have lent their support and encouragement to this project.